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My name is Jasmine Spence and I am the creator of this app. I am Cree from Cross Lake, MB. aka Pimicikamak. We use the 'n' dialect. I am not a linguist, an expert on the language, or even fluent. In fact I built this app for myself as a way to improve my fluency, and decided to share it with you. Most of the content comes from my granny Doreen Apetagon's lesson materials which she teaches at the school. .

Coming Soon

Audio and photo files for every Flash Card

Etymology and literal translations 

Relational kinship words tool

More vocabulary

Verb conjugation tool


Grammar rules

Searching in Cree

Make sure to follow our spelling style

Long vowels: spelled with accents (é, í, ó, á)

The sound ch as in 'pouch' : spelled "c"

We only use the letter "p", never "b"

We only use the letter "t" never "d"

We only use the letter "k" never "g"


Contributions to the database and feedback are greatly appreciated! Let me know if you find a mistake, want to submit a translation, or you want to submit a new word/phrase.

Contact me: 



Doreen Apetagon, Cross Lake, Manitoba

Audio Recordings:

Noretta Miswaggon, Cross Lake, Manitoba

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